Building outline
Address 8-11, Higashi Shinsaibashi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
Access 4-minute walk to Shinsaibashi Station on the Midosuji subway line
1-minute walk to Nagahoribashi Station on the Sakaisuji subway line
Area commercial district, fire protection district
Land category residential space
Building coverage 80%
Floor area ratio 500%(769.20% under the Osaka City Comprehensive Design System)
Site area 1,961.56m2
Building area 887.36m2
Total floor area 22,786.96m2
Structure Reinforced concrete, 37 stories, 1 basement [earthquake-resistant]
Total units 225
Layout 1DK (one bedroom, dining room, kitchen); 2LDK (two bedrooms, living/dining rooms, kitchen)
Living space from 32.11m2 to 199.13m2
Car parking lot 121 car spaces
Motor bike parking lot 50 motor bike spaces
Bicycle parking lot 468 bicycle spaces
Building certification No. H18 Building Certification No. GBRC00076 (October 3, 2006)
H19 Building Plan Change Certification No. GBRC00038 (June 26, 2007)
Lessor Hanshin-Jyuken Co., Ltd.
21-14, Yoshino 1-chome, Fukushima-ku, Osaka City
Governor of Osaka Authorization as a Real-Estate Business (11) No.13394
Governor of Osaka Authorization as a Specific Building Constructor (Toku-18) No. 19610
Governor of Osaka Authorization as a First-Class Architect Office (Ho) No. 9913
Design/supervision NIKKISEKKEI Co., Ltd
Construction Tokai-Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Completion date December 2008
Lease start date December 13, 2008